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Vengeance Grand Cruiser Mk. 2 by ROBOPOPE Vengeance Grand Cruiser Mk. 2 by ROBOPOPE
This is one of the two grand cruisers in my squadron, the Ghost of John. She's a Vengenace-class grand cruiser armed with weapons batteries and lances, a fairly balanced, if not a little undergunned, battleship. The Ghost of John and her sister ship, the Animus Exsequor, are designed to be plunged into the heart of the enemy, blasting away at targets to port and starboard. Between the Ghost of John and the Animus Exsequor, I've accounted for numerous enemy cruisers, and at least four battleships. Grand cruisers might be outdated technology in the Imperium, but I'd swear by them any day.

This ship represents the cutting edge of my grand cruiser conversion abilities. I've come a long way from the Dominus Astra. ([link]) I'm better at integrating the Chaos and Imperial parts, and my sculpting has improved drastically. The prow of the Ghost of John was almost entirely sculpted from putty.
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narrva Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Never mind, I just figured it out.  Avengers are basically massed weapons batteries while Vengeances are more balanced between weapons batteries and lances.  I also noticed that the Vengeance somewhat makes up for it's lack of battery turrets by having weapons on its prow, unlike the Avenger.  Guess that helps make up for it.  So it'd have somewhat less firepower than an Avenger yet it'd also have rather heavy lance fire, too.  Hmmm, just armor the prow and enlarge the engines and the sheer length of the prow could easily help increase it's survivability, seeing as it's currently just a big target.  The extra space for engines could come from removing a bunch of living quarters.  That, in turn, could be managed by replacing a lot of crew members with specialized servitors capable of fulfilling the posts of several crewmen at once, each.  By crewmen, I mean the chain-gang labor force.

There, now you have an extra durable Grand Cruiser capable of blowing the crap out of entire enemy cruiser squadrons at long range single-handed, and it comes in a squadron of its own.  Heh, heh, heh!

As it is now, canonically, though, I figure that a squadron of Vengeances would be a threat to any battleship but would have a weakness to attack craft.  Not that the attack craft could really hope to sink it, but because the attack craft could disable many of its big weapons.  Since Grand Cruisers seem to be a little slower than battleships and have lower acceleration (I think), they have to go for an "all or nothing" attack when they engage enemy battleships.  By weakening their offensive power, and they already don't have running as an option, the attack craft effectively ensures the battleship will kill something and keep eating at the squadron until they are all dead or receive support.  I guess that could be compensated for by ensuring that your own attack craft damage the battleship's engines and/or offensive power before striking.  Better yet, just orbit your own force using long-range fire to provide heavy support where it is needed and engage the above battleship only when its engines or weapons are already damaged enough to give your squadron a quick-ish kill and the option of fleeing should the situation change.

Wow, I got really thoughtful there.  ANYWAY!  I like your model.  :D
narrva Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
What is the difference between the Vengeance class and the Avenger class besides the extremely small difference in size?
keeper40k Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Lovely work :)
zman988 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
dude bad ass! i've really never have seen the warhammer ship models! like the color scheme!
sie42 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
It really looks excellent
blip-chan Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
Nice to see you've been working during your hiatus!
And what work it is!
razorsteel Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
its nice to see you stuff back up, hope to see more off it soon.
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